General Terms and Conditions governing the processing of personal data by United Motors Peugeot

1. General Provisions.
These General Terms and Conditions for the processing of personal data have been established by United Motors AS. United Motors AS is responsible for the organization of the processing of personal data and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. United Motors AS has the right to set forth additional conditions for the processing of personal data upon concluding a contract with you.

2. For what purposes are we collecting and processing your personal data?
We collect and use your personal data primarily for the purpose of concluding agreements with you (incl. performing actions prior to concluding the contract) and fulfilling contractual obligations before you. With your consent, we will use the information to send you newsletters, offers, reminders, invitations, feedback surveys and other promotional advertising. We may also use your personal information for other purposes as described in these terms.

3. What types of data do we collect from you and what do we primarily use it for?
We collect the following information from you during the conclusion of the contract or the course of pre-contractual procedures, including personal data: first and last name, personal identification code, address, telephone number, e-mail, driving license number, image (e.g. driving license photo), vehicle VIN number, engine number and registration number.

In the course of later communication and the performance of contracts, we also store contractual information about you (i.e. information about the history of your orders, contracts, payments, vehicle and related works and loss notices, letters and notices sent, etc.). If necessary, we may ask you for additional information or collect data from public databases, for example, to check the validity of your driving license before going on a test drive. If you do not provide us with the information necessary to enter into or perform the contract or provide false information, we will not be able to enter into or perform contracts with you.

We may collect, record, store, transmit, use and otherwise process your data for the purpose of concluding a contract with you, performing pre-contractual activities, performing the contract, or in particular for the following purposes:

  • Communication with you for the conclusion of the contract, transmission of information related to the contract and in connection with other contractual issues. For example, we may send you notifications about the completion of maintenance or invoice payment reminders;
  • Providing you with offers and product information upon your request;
  • the transmission of data necessary for the conclusion (incl. for the performance of activities prior to the conclusion of the contract) or performance of the contract to the cooperation partners (importer, manufacturers, suppliers, credit institutions, legal advisers, etc.);
  • the preparation and sending of invoices and accounting;
  • risk prevention and avoidance, including granting access to data by the authorised IT service provider for the purpose of maintaining the computer system, resolving technical problems and ensuring data security;
  • before concluding a test drive contract with you or in other cases before placing our motor vehicle at your disposal, we may check the validity of your driving license from a public database.

4. When do we ask for your consent?
We will ask for your consent if we wish to process your data for a purpose for which we have no other legal basis under the agreement or the law. Once we have received your consent, we will process your data to the extent and within the limits of the purposes for which we have obtained your consent.

For example, we may ask you for your consent to do the following:

  • To send important reminders to you by e-mail, SMS or telephone, for example, about maintenance and tyre changes;
  • Sending you newsletters, offers on goods and services, and congratulations by e-mail, SMS or telephone. Newsletters and offers may also include offers from Peugeot and Hyundai, as well as our leasing, hire purchase and insurance providers;
  • Sending you invitations to United Motors or Peugeot events via e-mail, SMS or telephone;
    E-mailing United Motors and Peugeot feedback surveys, either via United Motors, importers or research companies.

In addition to the above, we may ask you for your consent to use your data in another way.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by writing to or by contacting our dealership, and we will immediately terminate the respective operations if we have no other legal basis for processing the data.

5. How else can we use your information?
We may also use your information for the purposes and in the manner set out below, including if we have a legitimate interest in doing so. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data at any time on the basis of our legitimate interest.

  • At your request (e.g. to enter into a leasing, instalment or insurance contract), we may transfer your data to our leasing, instalment and insurance providers, who in turn will process your data for the purpose of concluding and performing contracts with you. If necessary, we may collect additional information from you in order to do so.
  • We may transfer your personal data to importers (Peugeot) for internal management purposes, if this is necessary for the performance of the contract concluded with you or in our legitimate interest, subject to the restrictions arising from the applicable data protection regulations.
  • We may process your personal data in connection with the management and analysis of our customer base for marketing or statistical purposes based on our legitimate interest.
  • We may transfer your information to other persons if this is necessary to protect our rights (e.g. courts, debt collectors, or bailiffs) or to fulfil our legal obligations.
  • Our office is equipped with video surveillance. When you visit our office, your image will remain on security camera recordings. The legal basis for the use of security cameras is our legitimate interest. The purpose of security cameras is to protect our employees and customers and to protect the property belonging to us, our employees and our customers from loss, destruction or damage, to prevent damage and to identify those responsible for causing damage.

6. Who else has access to your data?
In addition to the other persons specified in these Terms and Conditions, IT, accounting, marketing and other support service providers, credit institutions and other persons to whom the transfer of data is necessary for the purposes set out in these terms and conditions or to whom we are required to transfer data (especially public authorities) may also obtain access to your data.

The importer, Auto-Bon Baltic OÜ, may forward the data provided to them to the respective manufacturers. All of our cooperation partners, to whom we transmit your data, are obliged to keep your data confidential. We will not disclose your information to persons not named in these Terms and Conditions without your consent or request, unless we are required to do so by law.

7. How long do we keep your data?
We will retain your personal information as long as it is needed to perform the contract and thereafter, for as long as claims may arise from our contractual relationship or until the retention of the data is mandatory for us (generally up to 3 years after the end of the contract). For additional information concerning the storage of your personal information, please contact us at the contacts below.

8. What are your rights?
You always have the right to contact us to gain access to your personal data and to determine what personal data we are processing, for what purposes and how we are doing so, to request the correction of inaccurate data, the deletion of unnecessary data and, in justified cases, to restrict what we do with your data or to submit other objections If you have granted us consent to process your personal data for a particular purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and we will immediately terminate the relevant operations, unless we have another legal basis for processing the data.

You can opt out of receiving newsletters, offers, reminders, invitations, feedback surveys, and other promotional messages at any time by following the instructions attached to the e-mail or SMS messages. You also have the right, if you wish, to receive, in machine-readable format, the personal data you have provided to us and to request that it be sent to another organization. Please contact United Motors AS with applications. Our contact information can be found at
If you have a complaint about how we are using your data, you have the right to file a complaint with the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate.

9. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions.
United Motors AS may amend these Terms and Conditions at its own discretion, by publishing the relevant information on the United Motors website. Valid Terms and Conditions are always available on our website

You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
United Motors AS
Reti tee 4, 75312 Peetri, Rae vald
663 0000